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SP ENERJİ ELEKTRİK ÜRETİM LTD., located in ADANA HACI SABANCI ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL ZONE. STI. Established in 2008 by Electrical and Electronics Engineer Serdar TABAKOĞLU, it is a production and installation company operating in the photovoltaic power generation sector. It is one of the solar panel manufacturing companies with an annual solar panel production capacity of 1.2 GW. In addition to our wide product network, we offer our engineering solutions including consultancy, installation, infrastructure, assembly, commissioning, sales and after-sales technical support services to our customers.

Why SP Energy ?

The main field of activity of SP ENERJİ, which was founded about 15 years ago by two electrical engineers and an economist with many years of engineering and sales experience in the electricity and energy sectors, is the manufacture of photovoltaic solar panels. With the fact that the sun is the biggest source of energy, "SOLAR IS OUR PASSION." With this passion, we are reaching towards big goals such as producing the first cell in our country by producing the latest advanced technological quality photovoltaic poly and monocrystalline panels.

Contributing to our country to benefit more from solar energy and renewable energy sources, by applying professional business principles with our structural collaborations and solid engineering infrastructure and integration facilities, which we have established with the world's leading companies that produce at international standards in solar energy, by always keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront, To take its place among the leaders of the sector in the world.




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